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paul w.

From: http://www.watblog.com/2009/07/21/twitter-stats-by-sysomos-an-analysis/

Social Marketers on Twitter: 15% of Twitter users who follow more than 2,000 people identify themselves as social media marketers. More than 78% of social media marketers have more than 20 followers. As well, 35% write more than one update/day, compared with 15% for the overall Twitter population. 65.5% of social media marketers post less than a update a day, compared with 85.3% of the general Twitter population. In addition, 6.3% post two updates a day (vs. 2.8 overall), while 4.3% post at least nine updates a day (vs. 0.17% overall)


OK, blogs are now old school. But, let's not all jump so quickly into thinking that 140 characters are the ultimate devolution of human dialogue and thought.

From the above, the question is, like SECOND LIFE, are Social Marketing folks just talking to themselves? Are they flying business class, only residing on Coasts and clueless as to real world uses of social media platforms? Do they Follow random individuals to get an idea of how non-zingy Tweets are applied to daily life? Do they communicate with people outside of their circle?

Or, do they just watch each other's RT's and @ replies and collect a paycheck, convinced they are somehow in a cadre of more enlightened beings? Rock Stars who don't create any music?


I think the latter - we get a new tech, then we human hack it. It takes us a little while to feel the stuff out...

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