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yup - steered clear of defining hardcore gamers - and NPD defines 'hardcore gamers as "less than 2%" of gamers, without specifying channel. With 42% of console owners female, we've clearly gone beyone "Male Only" ownership - but "mass" can mean many things - how are you defining it?


Ah, I miss my NES. And I agree with you on many of your points. Yes, when you lump in casual games (Bejeweled, scrabble, et al) or the broadest definition of gaming, gaming is as mainstream and fundamental as it gets. But for consoles? Really?

The console manufacturers have been stuck in the hardcore rut for a long time. It's a big business to be sure (the 2600 sold 40 MM units, the SNES 60MM, and the PS2 115 MM units - all to audiences you define as hardcore), but here we are in the 7th generation of the console cycle and it's STILL a business confined to young men (as it always has been).

I agree, the Wii has a shot at changing all that. But Microsoft is $5 billion dollars in the red in an effort to bring their box into the living rooms of the masses.

The success of the Halo 3 launch is evidence that the hardcore video game business is thriving. But it does little to support that video game consoles are being adopted by the masses.

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