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Yeah Renny, I was quite intrigued by all this too - at first, until I found myself just sitting there, staring at people (and people staring at me) doing well, nothing special really. (because there was nothing to do...) However, I do think there's a lesson from all this disruptiveness; ordinary people can and even more so in years to come, will begin to explore their own creativity and need for individual expression through services like Yahoo Live and others. However, the one thing I see lacking in most services though is the implementation and possibility to actually play around and experiment with various innovative online tools and devices (sound-and videoediting, backgrounds..). Basically an all-in-one product. Also, to be able to cross cultural boundaries by meeting people you would not be able to communicate with because of language differences. One idea that springs to mind would be a translation application of some sort.
Well, it's all in beta and I do like the fact that Yahoo in such an early stage still have made it public and are asking users to comment on its development. To put it short: These are the times for asking the consumer ie. people: 'what do you want?' instead of telling them: 'this is what you need'. Also, on a personal note I hope it will not solely be up to big 'old' new media corporations like Yahoo to push these possibilities forward, but I'd rather see a collaboration or the model adopted and explored by more 'contemporary' companies...

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