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um...the question is a little moot, isn't it? Big brother is here, has been here, and will only know more every day. See "Phorm" related news, if you had any remaining doubts...

But no mind control or info access makes advertising work. Bad ads suck. you tune them out or ignore them, or they miss you. Good ads are culture and entertainment - you will (as we have always done) seek them out, enjoy them, participate in them. The definition of advertising is something I think we should all reconsider, anyway...

We can talk about this stuff til we choke, but NONE of this works or makes the slightest whiff of difference without a good idea. And those are rare. Following these questions, some chump might have felt pretty good about launching Walmart's ill-fated "Hub".

Doing don't make it good.

Bad advertising lasted when limited channels allowed relentless message bludgeoning. Bad advertising will continue, because...well...because it will. Sorry. Not from us of course :-)

And on the mobility question (because #6 is really just a way into considering mobility in the context of an idea) whether we like it or not, the steady tide toward location-aware devices will not turn back. People may consciously opt out, but at some point, my bet is that will be a premium offering (!).

Location will exist as a datapoint not because we want to advertise to people, (nor will it be made available for our exclusive benefit), but because THE FOLKS WHO OWN THE DARN THINGS want to know where they are. If they choose to share that with marketers, and incentives will no doubt be provided in some form or other, how do marketers respectfully leverage that?

And #7 is not about inspiring a cult of blind followers. #7 is about inspiring a group of people to care. End stop.


I don't have a question (right now) about approaching interactivity, but I do have a question about all your questions. (Heh, worst sentence construction. EVER)

Aren't questions 6 & 7 very close to a 1984ish situation? A big brother who knows where you are, and sends you what to do/see/feel then and there? How would people react to that?
Will we like it?

7 is also a little woozy. Now, I like to be a part of a group that understands its functions and rules and works towards a common goal (though, I hate common goals. There is no common goal. There are many goals in a group). But, once the group turns fundamentalist about its rules, it dies. Once it becomes, if I may use the word, anal about the current set of rules/priorities, it will slowly atrophy. That has been my experience on the net.

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