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cynthia fuhrman

Ten years ago this was the conversation some of us were having as founders of the new crop of interactive agencies, before the mainstream agencies would take online marketing seriously. We had lots of conversations about who did or didn't "get it," even though we had difficultly pinpointing "it" ourselves. We purchased "The Cluetrain Mainfesto" by the dozen to give to staff and clients, hoping to help them "get it." Well, ten years later, most of our interactive agencies are either absorbed into larger mainstream marketing companies, or gone...and we're all still arguing over who "gets it." At least the conversation keeps us all interested.

Dave Allen

A creative agency's creative director better hold a MFA while agencies need to holistically understand the concept of psycho-drifting. Throw in to the mix the fact that every creative in the agency needs to understand at some level Darwinism, evolutionary psychology, ant colonies, memes, Russell Hoban's 'Riddley Walker' and the simple fact that we ourselves are technological devices, invented by ancient bacterial communities as a means of genetic survival; then all will be well.

@David Burn, you are right when you say W+K will still be in business in 5 years but what will the W+K of 2013 look like? Who will be working there? How small will it have become?

There are 19 year olds who can answer those questions today and I want to hire them.

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