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renny gleeson

you guys rock.


Nice post, Renny. On the one hand, what you’ve described is the age-old business challenge of how do we successfully grow while protecting the innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit that brought us our success. And how do we build and maintain the infrastructure to serve our clients without becoming a slave to the bottom line? But I would argue that the problem confronting us in the communications space is one that we’re all struggling with, large and small—making sure that we dedicate the time to truly understand the meaning (and future implications) of the game-changing technologies coming to market every day, recognizing that the landscape is constantly in flux. And largely we’re not taking the time we need. Instead, we get fascinated with shiny new toys like blogs or customer-created ads or twitter, and spend our time trying to figure out how to monetize them. But by the time we do that, the market has moved on or the sheen has faded.

At this moment, there are approximately one million sixty-four tools out there for engaging customers on their turf, all of which deserve consideration in specific situations. But we, as media/communications people can’t effectively implement them because we haven’t allowed ourselves to understand their purpose and situational requirements. Step back. Ignore the tools but embrace their meaning. If agencies (large and small) are to succeed in this world, they’ll need to foster more of the kind of thinking that you’re doing…because ultimately it is the only path to the deep human insights, emotive power, and effective techniques you discuss.

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