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David Burn

@Carrie - Wieden, for one, will be in business five years from now. And let's remember that digital is not the ONLY channel people are hooked on. I'm all for "it's the most exciting channel," but TV and radio and print and out-of-home will all survive for years to come.

For me, the democratization made possible by digital media is exciting, but so is the opportunity for ad pros to adapt and start creating content. Nike and W+K are already on that page to some degree, and other brands are catching on.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter who creates the content, just that the it kicks ass. We know it'll have willing sponsors in brands. Or in Renny's words, "Our ideas must be aided and abetted by multi-channel transmedia storytellers." These storytellers are already coming from the amateur, semi-pro and pro ranks (inside and outside traditional client and agency structures).

May the best storytellers win!


Many big corp's don't get it. Good for real people. Corp's will eventually get it or die. Maybe there's a window open for the little guy. Let's jump through it.

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