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Have you read George Siemens on Connectivism? I see a parallel between your Edge Consciousness and the idea of the network _itself_ learning.


Mark Deuze

Renny, your call for "Ambient Intimacy" and a type of engagement or action based on a monitoring or scanning of the (social media) environment mirrors recent similar observations by sociologists signaling the emergence of "monitorial" consumer-citizens: neither engaged nor disengaged, but prepared to take action solely on individual terms (and not necessarily on the basis of some kind of call to collective or collaborative action).

Although that seems empowering, I am troubled by the implict celebration of these kinds of "disconnection on demand"-based social bonds. It runs the risk of each and everyone of us having to constantly advertize ourselves, keep upgrading (with the newest app, the next social network craze) to avoid being left behind. Its a commodification of consumers, if you will.

And, regarding the role of branded experiences in this context: I wonder to what extent you can, as a brand, really be part of what people do while scattered across media/time/space/public/private boundaries, and still maintain some sense of control over the coherence of the campaign premise or brand identity.

Perhaps that is fine - control is an illusion. But I wonder how you are going to sell that idea to clients who, in an economic downturn, most likely not going to like an uncontrollable advertising environment.

Just some random thoughts on a chilly Monday afternoon. hope you are well!

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