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Desarae Veit

This is true to the start of journalism as well and why integrity is so important in traditional media. It also goes to the base of better social media strategists who would tell you, whether or not you are online people are talking and the community is there. If you don't join in, you just don't have a say. So opinions may seem biased in the masses, but since project like Googles Knol are open to the public YOU and ME do have the opportunity to join in and contrast in whatever opinions we disagree with. That is what makes social media great. If it was closed circuit then I could understand cynicism, but either way --things will either become regulated or balance themselves out.

Just my two cents.


Ethan Bauley

Hi Renny,

This article [post? missive?] was killer, thanks so much for writing...

Thanks also for the link to my "industrial media" bit, I'm glad you found it interesting!

FWIW I wrote up a summary with some links to other references here:


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