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Ethan Bauley

Mr. Schmidt's quote is truly "epic", as the kids say.

Oh, the irony: as much as social media has destroyed the economic rational for brands...


...new brands built from reliable, trustworthy, machine-aided human contact will save us from information hell.

PageRank is good, but we'll need a lot more help constructing what I'd call a "perfectly rationale market for information"...

(Your post re: "truthiness" was hitting on that, too)

What's most interesting to me is charting how specific firms will influence the information markets relevant to them...

Does it behoove a shoe maker to be the most trusted information source about shoes?

Answering that question might go a lot longer towards figuring out what business said firm is actually in...


...than figuring out a sales strategy in an age of reverse markets:


...but it's still a useful question in my opinion ;-)

Thanks for another killer reference! Priceless...

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