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renny gleeson

we are not who we were.

we are always who we are becoming.

The "disconnected" space you reference could be arguably called hyperconnected space, where many have the freedom to be "realer" than they are in the "real" world.

Interactive identity, which I assume you mean to be the digital manifestations of your "self", is neither extension nor fulfillment, but a facet of the totality of your identity, which is, after all, a fabrication, fictionalization, projection and mutual agreement with society.

We all (people and brands) play roles, don't we?

And if achieving "Nirvana" means being a brand, Buddha blew it.


But. . .

People have an identity that precedes their "interactive identity," i.e. they are a defined "someone" before they express themselves in disconnected space.

Is their "interactive identity" an extension and fulfillment of their "primary identity?"

Or, is it a fabrication, a fictionalization, a projection of desire and id?

A bit of both? Meaning, the "interactive identity" is NOT to be trusted on a personal level.

If someone eventually reaches Nirvana and "becomes the embodiment of their interactive identity," what have they lost? Then again, at that point, perhaps they are a Brand?

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