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luke gilman

Time for some new blood in the legal dept! I'm moving from one side of that imagined conversation to the other (legal); hoping to be able to change the outcome of that kind of compromise.

Brett T. T. Macfarlane

Utility versus creativity often get confused in a lot of this new stuff along with what is an "idea." Doing social media (or whatever you want to call it) isn't unto itself an idea, too many seem to think it is though. Modernista pointing to stuff about the web was useful though not that creative. But still, a good idea for them, at the time.

Skittles using the same tactic is novel but not that useful nor creative. I give them kudos for trying but feels like the idea here was to do social media, not lets come up with a great idea that can live in, lead or generate social media.

The good news in all this for me is the sheer novelty is wearing off this stuff resulting in increasing expectations. Great ideas are becoming table stakes. The first mover benefit has passed, and now brands need to reach past the navel gazing marketing types to reach, engage, and include real people.

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