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damn straight I was nervous. terrified, a better word. so to your question: I was not speaking for advertising in the talk. No one asked me to.

I see many technologies that create or enable distance - at a time where our survival as a species depends on being closer.

But I am confident that human beings will hack new tech and freight it with the emotion so many technologies lack when they begin, when they are still used for what their creators intended, not what the users will ultimately decide.

SMS is a great example. It was never intended to be ruled as a viable divorce method under Sharia law - but it is now.



Your talk was nice. You come across as very Human. Nervous, maybe, even?

You're saying something everybody knows, but you say it. How does what you say relate to your career in advertising? It feels to me like there is a tension, maybe?

You ask us to make technologies that make us more human. Maybe advertising follows whatever technologies are available, uses whatever channels exist, is passive, downstream. Is it as easy as that? Does your work make us more human? How?

I was trying to figure out if I was hearing Renny the Human or Renny the Advertiser.


P.S. That guy on the bike is insane.

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