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Rezwan Razani

Yes. We just started on twitter to see if we could build awareness of aneutronic fusion and fusion alternatives and otherwise network. Haven't really warmed up to the thing. Seems as random and effective as posting a comment here. What the heck. http://twitter.com/focusfusion


An individual click to trigger "following" a celebrity is equated to "doing great things together?"

That would be a sad state of defining "great things" and demeans anyone who actually #getsoffbut and truly participates in trying to do even moderately good things...

Perhaps there is a fleeting illusion of "doing something good" (though, certainly not "great"), but, let's face it, "following" someone on Twitter is an essentially mindless "click."

The "click" itself is meaningless (sorry analytics folk), it is whether or not the User ACTUALLY THINKS/FEELS/WONDERS/PONDERS/PONTIFICATES/WORRIES/ i.e. does something HUMAN and ACTIVELY joins in a "collective" effort beyond-the-click.

Mistaking a "click through" or a "follow" (same thing) as anything more than an all too frequent mindless keystroke is a mistake.

Yes, it can also be the end result of a deeper and more thoughtful process (such as when you lay down your credit card number then CLICK "Yes I'm Sure" or get away from screen and touch the world around you; where you actually participate yourself, rather than vicariously through someone who is getting off on some self-satisfying fame-jaunt..."

What has interactive technology done or become? Perhaps it's trivialized the concept of "great things" to a click of no return.

Ashton, Demi and friends could have bought a million malaria nets and had plenty of money left over for dinner and fab vacations -- and, done so in a humble manner without the conspicuous NEEDINESS (curse of stardom).

What could 1 million people have done other than follow a fairly funny guy with a still-hot wife? I don't think the interactive-generation knows how to do anything but mindlessly click and worry about Springbreak.

OK, end rant.

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