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I'm grappling with your (5) and (6) in terms of "the practicality of social media in the event consumers really catch on?"

Taking Kodak as a great Twitter SM Brand, lots of one-on-one engagement, but, with, what? A few dozen Consumers per day? A hundred? Let's even say a thousand (not likely).

How does "one on one" get handled on a truly large (common) adopter scale? Twitter-Centers in India? With two hundred standard replies, resulting in no meaningful "one on one?"

It seems to be this great unquestioned/unanswered fly-in-ointment...the cost of one-on-one? The actual capabilities to sustain and grow Social Media marketing and engagement to a truly "common consumer" scale, not the techoise early-adopters.

Solutions anyone?


and, of course, where's the fun? ;)

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